IS IT TRUE MAY 3, 2017

first_imgIS IT TRUE after 3,240 days the McCurdy Hotel is finally opening for business as an apartment building?…between the parking lot fiasco that cost the taxpayers of Evansville $606,000 and the $960,000 handout to one of Mayor Weinzapfel’s regular campaign donors from Indianapolis there are finally apartments being offered for rent?…when all was said and done it was the Evansville based Kunkel Group that has gotten the old historic hotel to the finish line where people can live again?…one bedroom units of modest size are being offered starting at $799 per month and up to $1,500 per month for higher floors with a view?…two bedroom units are starting at $999 per month and going up to $1,800 per month for the primo units with views?…one thing is for sure and that is there will be no Section 8 vouchers being spent for these apartments which are commanding big city downtown prices in little old Evansville?…as much as the City County Observer has made fun of the political malfeasance associated with this project, we are glad to see the structure saved and the doors open for business?IS IT TRUE that our characterization of the obsolete lighting bollards that once provided light along the downtown riverfront walkway as “light bulbs” tweaked a couple of people?…the reality is they were put there to do the job of light bulbs and just some cheapo light bulbs may have done a better job than these overpriced broken things?…we do believe that given it was the City of Evansville with cronies to feed and relatives to employ willfully paid way too much for some exotic light emitting device that does what a light bulb does?…we are also not surprised that the spare parts are no longer available making a new solution for lighting necessary?…we do assume that there are three copper wires available somewhere in the George Jetson light bollards making is possible to design some fitting that will take an LED light bulb and light the paths as they should be?…that would take thinking outside of the box which Parks and Recreation people seem to have difficulty with?…if there are three wires available (one is a ground) a solution can be devised to extend the life of these bollards for lighting purposes if the morons that roam the downtown wreaking havoc and violence can be controlled? IS IT TRUE we have also learned that vandals have done a job on the light bollards just like they did a job on the emergency kiosks on the jogging trail by Garvin Park?…vandalism is a serious problem in Evansville?…it seems as though every time something nice is installed, some group of hoodlums comes along and destroys it?…even the McCurdy had a giant rat grafitti face on the outside of the bricks making a sandblast job necessary?…vandalism and mayhem on the part of a few seem to ruin everything from sandboxes in the Sunset Park, to the slide boards in Kid’s Kingdom, to public lighting?…we call upon our fellow citizens to turn these self indulgent pieces of crap in to law enforcement?…maybe Evansville needs to treat vandalism and grafitti the way Singapore does and dispense lashes with a cane to the backsides of these useless punks?…a few punks are ruining a good thing for the vast majority?IS IT TRUE that according to United States Census Bureau statistics Vanderburgh County’s poverty rate increased by 62.3% from 200-2015?…while Vanderburgh County topped the region in sinking further into poverty the rest of the Tri-State fell further into poverty as well?…Union County, Kentucky saw its rate increase by 59.2% and Henderson’s increase by 42.9%?…Evansville leaders (political and otherwise) regularly boast of the vitality of the local economy and preen themselves for rooftop martini gatherings and Perhaps for some, prosperity is on the rise but nearly one in six Evansvillians were living at or below the federal poverty threshold in 2015?…the long term trend suggests that poverty is likely to increase in the Tri-State in spite of neglecting infrastructure? …the current crop of leaders and their predecessor are responsible for much of the catastrophic rise in poverty because of their tax and spend habits but they are too busy congratulating themselves on insignificant strides in downtown Evansville to even know it? IS IT TRUE Missy Mosby primary opponent shall be announcing his exploratory campaign committee members in the near future?  …we are hearing that the individuals that have agreed to serve on this committee are all loyal Democrats?  …we were told that Mosby’s soon to be announced primary opponent is planning to raise $75,000 to defeat her in her re-election bid? …Mosby won her last primary re-election campaign by a mere 12 votes over a little known opponent?IS IT TRUE that At-Large City Councilman Jonathan Weaver future political opponent may be a highly educated female with a good moral compass?FOOTNOTES: TODAYS “READERS POLL” question is: Are you disappointed in the Evansville City Council for not being more concerned with the contract between Thunderbolts/VenuWorks and the City?We urge you to take time and click the section we have reserved for the daily recaps of the activities of our local Law Enforcement professionals. 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