In the Premier they charge up to 828 euros for children to go out to the field with the players

first_imgWest ham£ 700 for category A matches. 3 free seats next year. NewcastleFree (raffle between partners) ArsenalFree (raffle between partners) WatfordIt is suggested to donate 100 pounds to the Club Education Foundation. Most range between 350 and 500 pounds, but reach 700 and 750 pounds. Some donate part of their income to foundations, although most do not. In addition, there are teams like the Brighton or the Norwich they charge an extra because it’s the captain who gives them the hand to young people as well as others like Crystal Palace make a discount if you wear your own uniform and they save you give it to you. The type of match is also important and they have an added surcharge.Prices of clubs of other categories Brighton350 pounds go out with the captain, 250 with the rest of the players. 2nd draw. ChelseaFree (raffle between partners) SouthamptonFree (raffle between partners) EquipmentPrice Manchester C.Free (raffle between partners) Aston Villa500 pounds (category A matches), donating a place to the foundation. LiverpoolFree (raffle between partners) Sheffield U.360 pounds in premium matches. From 300 pounds. Sheffield W.200 pounds plus taxes. Crystal Palace375 pounds (gold package), 100 (silver) if the child brings his own uniform. Brentford250 pounds £ 400 last game at Griffin Park. Manchester U.Free (raffle between partners) Swansea City£ 249 plus tax EquipmentPrice Nottingham F.Up to 650 pounds (platinum matches). 500 plus taxes (bronze). Derby countyFree (draw between partners). Leicester355 pounds and many free places by lottery. It does not happen on all teams, since in the case of Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Newcastle and Southampton it is free and the children who attend are partners chosen by lottery, on equal terms. But in the other thirteen clubs of the Premier League, as well as in many of the Championship, stratospheric amounts have to be paid for a child to live one day with his idols. Unlike the leading teams, Tottenham gets to charge £ 485 for category A matches (The minimum price is 350 pounds), although some places are awarded by lottery. The West Ham is the most expensive in the Premier League, which charges 700 pounds, although by the pressure of the media, the next course will draw three of the eleven places in each game by lottery. In the Championship, Leeds reaches 750 pounds (888 euros), although in this case the proceeds go to a foundation that is dedicated to helping children who need cardiovascular surgery.Excluding the poorest children with such high prices for the club’s own benefit is a practice that is being heavily criticized in England, as some call it immoral. They consider that they already have enough income to profit in this way and want it to be something free, or at least, accessible to all types of families, since as Knight says, “Now it seems that happiness is within reach of those who have 700 pounds.” Norwich£ 500 for dating the captain and 379 for the other players. Tottenham£ 485 for category A matches. From 350. Some per draw. EvertonOne free place per game and £ 599 with the Charity Package. Millwall300 pounds and some places per draw. Burnley4 VIP seats at 310 pounds for charitable causes and 6 seats at 40. LeedsMost free and 10 packages at 750 pounds destined for a foundation. Cardiff255 pounds Wolves450 pounds for platinum matches. From 320. Bournemouth235 pounds in category A matches. Bristol City210 pounds weekend games. QPR350 pounds In England, children who go out to the field with their favorite players before each game are called ‘mascots’ (pets). In some clubs, children can get to know their idols during the game if they are chosen in a draw between the members, but both in the Premier League as in the Championship, most of the time you have to pay very high prices, as published by the newspaper Telegraph.Julian Knight He has recently taken charge of Committee on Culture, Digital and Sports, and has begun to pressure clubs to lower their economic claims in this regard, since There are prices that reach 700 pounds (828.7 euros), more than some seasonal children’s tickets cost. That, in some way, excludes the children of the most economically disadvantaged families, that is, that the richest have access to this experience, but the poorest do not have access.Prices in the Premier League WBA£ 250 weekend games.last_img