Chris Neyor Writes Prez Obama

first_imgThe president and chief executive officer (CEO) of the Morweh Energy Group, Incorporated, Dr. Christopher Z. Neyor, has on behalf of the entity’s partners and friends, written a letter of commendation to President Barrack Obama of the United States of America, for committing his government to the ongoing fight against the deadly Ebola virus in Liberia.“I would like to thank President Barack Obama, the government and people of the United States of America for their great humanity in coming to the rescue of West Africa,  especially Liberia, to contain the deadly Ebola epidemic that is ravaging our land and people,” Mr. Neyor said in his letter dated September 17, addressed to President Obama at the White House.Over the course of the week, President Obama has come up with a massive response of 3000 troops, US$500 million, and the further appointment of an Ebola Czar. Neyor said that was indeed the kind of robust intervention required to contain this killer virus.Mr. Neyor, a onetime president of the National Oil Company of Liberia (NOCAL) and now a senatorial candidate for Montserrado County, is also the CEO of the Morweh Energy Group based in Monrovia.Speaking on behalf of his company, he said he believed that no other nation on earth has the military or civilian resources and capability as the United States to undertake the level of intervention President Obama has committed the US to do for Liberia.  In his dispatch, Mr. Neyor said deployment of the US military intervention through the US Army Corp of Engineers was commendable, “because we advocated for this in 2006 for restoration of power in post conflict Liberia.”“We are delighted that it is working this time with a more profound intervention of saving lives.”“By this outstanding humanitarian gesture,” he said, “the United States has again shown the world the great compassion of the American people. Real global power is not bullying weaker countries, but utilizing your power to go to distant lands to save the oppressed and the dying where there are no ulterior motives.”According to Mr. Neyor, by naming Liberia as the control center of the American response, President Obama has taken into account and elevated to a new level the nearly two centuries of US-Liberia relations, starting in 1816 with formation of the American Colonization Society (ACS).Liberians, both at home and abroad, especially those in the United States, are appreciative and remain grateful to the United States for rescuing our homeland once again, this time from the deadly Ebola menace. At the same time, Dr. Neyor has expressed thanks and gratitude to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for putting the request to President Obama. Neyor called on the government to not to leave everything to the Americans, but to improve on those things we can ourselves do to save the lives of our dying people.“With this massive assistance, we can now be reassured that Ebola will be kicked out of Liberia and West Africa. Let us all continue and intensify our individual and collective awareness and preventive initiatives.“Let all our citizens continue to take all the prescribed measures to remain Ebola free,” the Neyor’s letter concluded.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img