Who Ordered House’s Clerks To Report Bility to FIFA?

first_imgMembers of the Executive Committee of the Liberia Football Association (LFA) have resolved to appealingly write the Speaker and Members of the House of Representatives for an investigation to find out who ordered their Chief Clerk and her deputy to complain the LFA President to the world’s football governing body, FIFA.The Secretary General of the Liberia Football Association (LFA), Alphonso Armah said the House’s Chief Clerk Mildred N. Sayon and Deputy Chief Clerk, J. Sayfura Geplay separately protested to FIFA against the eligibility of H. Musa Bility as President of the LFA.Armah said Mr. Geplay, in his letter dated the 21st of March, prayed for the intervention of FIFA because Mr. Bility is ineligible to contest as President of the LFA because he (Bility) is guilty of criminal conspiracy, theft of property, economic sabotage and tax evasion in the country.On the 14th of April, the Chief Clerk of the House of Representatives, Mildren N. Sayon, did a follow-up letter.Mr. Armah, in an exlcusive interview with the Daily Observer yesterday, said the letters are not only erroneous but also unethical because Bility was never found guilty in any of the accusations and the letters from the Clerks would put the Honorable House in unnecessary public ridicule.According to Armah, when the LFA contacted as to whether the House’s Committee on Youth and Sports was aware of the letter, Representative Lester Paye, Chairman on said committee, declined.Armah said it is the LFA’s belief that the leadership of the House of Representatives is neither aware nor approved the letters and would therefore want the leadership to investigate on who mandated the Clerks to write FIFA.“We want the [House] leadership to investigate who mandated the clerks to write FIFA and we hope they would,” the LFA Chief Scribe said.Meanwhile, according to FIFA’s reply to the House of Representatives, the world’s football governing body has rejected a petition protesting the candidacy of Musa H. Bility, in the recent elections of the Liberia Football Association. A copy of FIFA’s response to the letters from House of Representatives was sent to LFA.Bility went unopposed and almost all members of his team secured another four-year term.In FIFA’s response, deputy secretary general Markus Kattner, said after a thorough analysis of the facts reported in the protest, “we have to inform you that this seems to be an internal matter which does not come under the remit of FIFA authorities.”“Moreover,” FIFA said, “we must inform you that the aforementioned LFA elective congress was under the observation from a representative of CAF.”“As a consequence of the above,” Kattner said, “FIFA is not in a position to intervene in this matter.”FIFA noted that as a general principle, it corresponds or communicates only with and through its member associations.The House’s Clerks’ letters seem to be similar to the Former Lone Star Players Association.The former Barrolle and Lone Star defender, Washington Blay, among others claimed that it was public knowledge of the guilty verdict of tax evasion by a private corporation belonging to Bility.The protest further explained that the private corporation owned by Bility “defrauded the government,” in an unstated amount. “[He was] found guilty by the Tax Court and restitution plan violated,” of which the Elections Committee failed to take into account and disqualify him.However, the protest did not say whether Bility was convicted of any of the alleged crimes against the State.The letter also claimed that there was an indictment for economic sabotage, criminal conspiracy and theft of property against Bility, though there was no evidence of conviction for the Elections Committee to base any punitive action on.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img