iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? We explain which one is right for you

first_img}In a big change from its earlier stance, this year Apple launched two models of the iPhone with different screen sizes. Apple was a company that disliked large-screen phones like Galaxy Note. In fact, Steve Jobs once famously compared them to hummers.But then the popularity of large-screen phones shows that people do like them. So here we are, in 2014, with Apple releasing iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.In case you were not paying attention last week, the iPhone 6 is a device with 4.7-inch screen. The Phone 6 Plus, meanwhile, sports a 5.5-inch screen. Interestingly, the screen size is not the only difference between these two devices. It doesn’t look all that apparent from Apple’s product images but the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are different from each other in some other important ways.Both models are likely to launch in India in October, so you will have to wait a while before you can get hold of your precious new iPhone. But while you are waiting, think about this: which one is right for you? Let’s help you decide.In fact, we have two answers to this question – short and long (how ironic).Short answer first.If you love, adore, heart your current iPhone because it is cute and cuddly?Buy the iPhone 6. The one with the 4.7-inch screen. It won’t be as cute and small as your existing iPhone, but it won’t be like Galaxy Note either, a “monstrosity” that you probably hate.If you like your existing iPhone but feel a tinge of jealousy whenever your co-worker takes out his Galaxy Note 3 to play a video game on it?advertisementBuy the iPhone 6 Plus. We understand your love for Apple and iOS kept your relationship with the iPhone going even though you were lusting after something more wilder like the Galaxy Note or the LG G3. But now you have a choice. You can get a big-screen iPhone and still be in the Apple camp with the iPhone 6 Plus.Now for the long answer.If screen size is not the primary criteria for you and you are genuinely confused between whether to buy the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus, read on to understand how they are different and then decide.iPhone 6 is more compact and ergonomically will fit hands betterThis is something obvious. The iPhone 6 is around 0.8 inches shorter, 0.4 inches less wider and 0.2mm slimmer compared to the Plus version. While these numbers don’t look all that large but they make a big difference in a phone. The iPhone 6 is also 40 grams lighter than the bigger model. The more modest dimension means that iPhone 6 will fit better in your hands and you will be able to use it even with single hand, unless you have small hands.iPhone 6 Plus has a sharper and more useful screenNo, it is not only the size that is different. The iPhone 6 Plus has a screen with FullHD resolution, which gives it a pixel density of 401 PPI compared to 326 PPI that the iPhone 6 screen has. In simple words, expect the iPhone 6 Plus to show sharper text and images despite its big display. The bigger display, as we found in the case of Android devices, also makes consuming media – watching movies, playing games, reading something, browsing web – more fun and enjoyable experience.iPhone 6 Plus has a better cameraThe bigger size of the iPhone 6 Plus has allowed Apple to fit in it a camera module with optical image stabilisation (OIS). OIS is already available on many high-end Android phones but the iPhone 6 Plus is the first iPhone to get it. While we expect even the iPhone 6 to click stellar images (for a phone), the OIS may help the Plus model to click images and videos that are sharper, especially in the low light when the aperture is likely to remain open for an extra millisecond.iPhone 6 Plus will offer better battery lifeThe large size of iPhone 6 Plus has also helped Apple cram a bigger battery into the device. And even though the bigger battery will be feeding a bigger – and consequently more power hungry – display, Apple says that the iPhone 6 Plus will offer overall better battery life. For example, the iPhone 6 Plus is supposed to provide 14 hours of video playback compared to 11 hours of playback that iPhone 6 can manage. Similarly, the Plus model can last 12 hours of web browsing on 3G while the smaller device can only manage 11 hours. These are all Apple’s official figures and the battery life that you get from the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 6 Plus will depend on how you use your phone. But one thing is almost certain that the iPhone 6 Plus will likely offer better battery life.advertisementApps in landscape mode, split screen on the iPhone 6 PlusFinally, an iPhone will run apps in landscape mode. But interestingly the feature is limited to the bigger iPhone. Similarly, on the iPhone 6 Plus you will be able to run apps in split screen mode, somewhat similar to how you can do it on Samsung’s Galaxy devices. The iPhone 6 doesn’t possess the same cool tricks.  iPhone 6 is cheaperWell, before you say that iPhone 6 Plus is a better choice, take a look at the prices of both iPhones. The price of the unlocked iPhone 6 in the US is $649 for the 16GB model. In India, this should translate to somewhere above Rs 50,000. The price of the iPhone 6 Plus, is however, $749. That is a cool $100 more than the smaller iPhone.Yes, the iPhone 6 Plus packs in better hardware but it also costs more. In terms of user experience we don’t expect the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 6 to have much difference, unless you really really love a large-screen phone. So, whether the iPhone 6 Plus will be worth paying the extra Rs 10,000 or not is something only you will be able to decide.last_img