Touch Football Athlete Development Framework

first_imgTouch Football Australia (TFA) is excited to release the Touch Football Athlete Development Framework.The Framework will be a vital tool for the achievement of key Strategies Priorities, as outlined in the TFA Strategic Plan, but more specifically TFA High Performance Plan Priorities; HPP1 – Sustainable Athlete Development, whilst also supporting HPP2 – Innovation in Coach Development. Furthermore it also supports TFA Participation Plan Priority 3 – Member Sustainability Program.The Framework has been developed in alignment to the Australian Institute of Sport FTEM ( model, in consultation with experienced coach advisors from all levels.The aim of the Framework is to assist Athletes and Coaches in the appropriate progression of Touch Football specific skills within eight key categories:1. Movement                                              2. Ball Skills3. Rollball4. Rucking5. Attack6. Defence7. Game concepts and strategies8. Athletic performanceTFA is currently creating a range of resources to assist athletes and coaches in each of the identified areas, and revising formal Sport Education structures. This commenced with the release of the online Foundation Coaching Resources in July. The next collection, Talent Coaching Resources, is currently being compiled.The Framework will be available free for all coaches and members, via the new ‘Resources – Athlete, Coach and Referee’ page on the TFA website.For more information and to view the Framework, please click on the attachments below.Related Filesathlete_development_framework_release-pdfathlete_development_framework_aug_2013-pdfRelated LinksAthlete Dev. Frameworklast_img