Morocco to Introduce New Body Scanning Technology in its Airports

Rabat – A state of the art body scanning technology has been introduced in airports across Morocco.According to news website Media 24, Morocco is the first country in the African continent to be equipped with Millimeter wave scanners, a whole-imaging device that are used for detecting hidden objects using a form of electromagnetic radiation.Quoting sources from the Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA), Media 24 said seven Moroccan airports will be equipped with the high-performance body scanners. The scanners are based on “millimeter wave imaging”, a technology used in hundreds of scanners in airports around the world. They are typically used at government buildings and airport security checkpoints.The millimeter wave in the scanner is transmitted from two antennas at the same time as they rotate around the body. Energy waves reflected from the body being inspected are used to construct a three-dimensional imagery.Despite their efficiency in detecting metallic and non-metallic objects concealed underneath a person’s clothing, the scanners are said to have caused protests in airports around the world as they revealed intimate body details of people being scanned.Studies have also found that millimeter waves can be harmful to the health and might cause possible cell and tissue damage after exposure to millimeter wavelength radiation.According to the same source, Morocco has purchased 15 Millimeter wave scanners that are expected to be used in seven airports throughout the country.