Moroccan National Confesses Recruiting ISIS Fighters in Iraq

Rabat – The Supreme Judicial Council’s spokesperson in Iraq, Abdulsatar Bayrakdar,  has announced that Iraq’s Central Criminal Court confirmed a confession of ISIS recruitment by an internationally wanted Moroccan national.The Moroccan national, who speaks English, French, and Spanish, confessed that he was in charge of communication to recruit foreign ISIS fighters using Skype and previously occupied different important positions as a manager at Idlib and the White Hill Port borders in Syria. He also worked in the Office of Foreign Affairs processing and purchasing weapons from the Free Army for the ISIS organization.The Moroccan national entered Syria illegally through Turkey and was caught by Iraqi security forces in cooperation with the central criminal court when he moved to Iraq. Some ISIS sleeper cells are still operating brazen attacks in Iraq and police forces are undergoing operations to eliminate resistant pockets. On May 2, ISIS militants claimed responsibility for attacking a village near Baghdad and killing 21 people, and additional armed conflicts caused 68 civilian fatalities in April. Still, the region is noticing substantial stabilization after declaring the defeat of ISIS in December.