Asma Lamrabet Unveils Reasons for Leaving Morocco

Rabat – Following her announcement that she was leaving Morocco for a new experience abroad, prominent Moroccan feminist Asma Lamrabet has provided more details about her new adventure.Some news reports and critics voiced speculations that her departure was motivated by a string of obstacles tied to her political and intellectual orientations.Lamrabet rejected the speculations, saying her decision was “voluntary” and based on her desire to experience a new culture. Taking to Facebook yesterday, the Moroccan scholar wrote, “My last post has generated many questions and even some speculations in the media. This is why I am providing some precisions today.”Lamarabet explained that she had requested an early retirement from the Ministry of Health. She said she requested relief of her remaining years of duty as a practicing medical doctor in order to “join my husband who is serving as a diplomat in South Africa.”Lamarabet continued, “I did not want to provide details about my destination or my reason for leaving Morocco simply because I have always striven to preserve my personal and family life, but also out of respect for the official [diplomatic] duties of my husband.”Lamrabet said she hopes to have more time for her intellectual pursuits. As well as the opportunity for a new cultural experience, the post suggested Lamrabet is working on some projects and needed a new environment to stimulate her thinking.“My departure is therefore voluntary and it will allow me, at least I hope so, to have more time for my work and writings, as well as for discovering the amazing country that South Africa is.”As for those who reached out to her, worrying that her departure may have been motivated by forces she had not mentioned in her post, she thanked them for the warmth and the love they showed her in their supportive words. “I hope this short message will reassure them, and I sincerely apologize if my previous post was a bit confusing.”Lamrabet ended her post with a touch of national nostalgia. “Having said all this, I insist that Morocco is in my heart and I miss it already.”