Make your own colorshifting Rorschach mask using thermochromic paint

first_imgDon’t think of this idea as late for Halloween 2010, but rather as early for Halloween 2011. It’s is a color-shifting paint trick that Watchmen fans can use to really jazz up a Rorschach costume next year.Thanks to YouTube contributor guinness0507, we find out if you mix a little thermochromic powder with transparent base paint, then transfer the paint mixture onto a piece of white fabric, you can make yourself a pretty sweet looking Rorschach mask that shifts color from the temperature of your own breath.AdChoices广告I don’t know who watches the Watchmen, but wearing this mask you will definitely have many eyes watching you Halloween 2011. Just do us a favor and make sure that the paint is completely dry before putting it over your face. We certainly don’t want anyone passing out from noxious fumes.Read more at YouTube, via Neatoramalast_img