Nvidia Kai tablets will be quadcore and under 200

first_imgThe Nvidia-powered Asus ME370T that was shown off at CES 2012 was a nice enough tablet, but who wants to pay $249 for a quad-core tablet when you can pick one up for just $199? Nvidia boss Jen-Hsun Huang said they were coming this year, and VP of Investor Relations Rob Csonger has reiterated that sentiment at the company’s annual stockholder meeting.Right now, it’s tricky enough to find a dual-core tablet that isn’t the Kindle Fire (or an unknown Shanzai brand) for under $200. According to Csonger, the Nvidia Kai platform will make it possible for OEMs to break that pricing threshold. To make that happen, Csonger told investors that Kai utilizes “a lot of the secret sauce that’s inside Tegra 3.” He also speaks about reduced power consumption and lower-cost components helping to drive costs down.Those last bits go without saying, and they’re not just true for Kai. Everywhere you look in the industry, new products are benefiting from more efficient displays — and sliding component prices over time has always been an industry trend.What remains to be seen is when OEMs will actually deliver a a $199 quad-core Kai device. The ME370T has yet to hit the streets, and it might be the closest thing we’ve seen to Kai at this point. There are, however, rumors that it could wind up being the Google Nexus Tablet and that it will be unveiled at Google I/O — which is just around the corner. It seems like a given that Google and a hardware partner will unveil another awesome Android device at the event, but taking the wraps off a sub-$200 quad core tablet would have geeks everywhere chomping at the bit.More at The Vergelast_img