The Last of Us getting campaign DLC Joel and Ellie not getting

first_imgRegardless of how you feel about the third-person stealth-em-up gameplay in The Last of Us, the game’s narrative is nothing short of a harrowing, amazing, devastating experience.Fans of the game want more, but the story of the two main characters, Joel and Ellie, is so perfect that a sequel would ruin it. It seems that Naughty Dog will satisfy both of those requirements for wanting more game to play, while not disrupting the perfect narrative of the main characters.Naughty Dog has teased that it’ll be revealing information regarding some TLOU DLC this week. The developer is planning three packs– a campaign add-on, and two multiplayer packs. The DLC is available for purchase in a season pass pack for a total of $19.99 (saving you around 30% on the price if you would purchase each pack individually), as is customary this generation.If you’re worried about what the campaign DLC might be because it might disrupt the perfect ending of the story, never fear. Not too long ago, the creative director of the game, Neil Druckmann, said that Joel and Ellie’s story is over. Druckmann did say that if TLOU gets a sequel somewhere down the line, the team feels the world is still ripe for story — just not the stories of Joel and Ellie.From that (totally correct) sentiment, it sounds like the campaign DLC will focus on other characters throughout the game, of which there were enough to fill out a side-story, such as wacky loner Bill.Whatever the campaign DLC ends up being, we’ll find out sometime this week. If the TLOU team can craft a story even half as good as the main campaign’s story, the DLC will be well worth the investment.last_img