Fallout 4s final DLC NukaWorld gets trailer shows off demented Disneyland

first_imgNuka-World will release on August 30 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC and cost $19.99 by itself, although you can download it as part of the season pass. There are rumors that more DLC and possibly another season pass will be coming to Fallout 4 in the future, but as of now official word is that this is the end (of the world). <> Bethesda Softworks has just released the first official gameplay trailer for Nuka-World, the sixth and final add-on for Fallout 4.It looks like they’re going to be sending things off in style. Nuka-World is the official theme park of everyone’s favorite Cola, and still features creepy animatronics and lots of things to kill. The more playful among us can try their hands at working games like whack-a-mole game, a shooting gallery, and basketball game, or even take a trip on the rusty, clearly-in-need-of-a-safety-inspection rides. Visit park zones like Safari Adventure, Dry Rock Gulch, Kiddie Kingdom, and the Galactic zone. There’s even a theme song! This is clearly where dreams come true. Not since Banky’s Dismaland has a theme park looked more inviting.If the idea of exploring this ruined amusement park somehow doesn’t interest you, how about the fact that this expansion will allow you to become the head of a Raider gang, and send your minions off to do your bidding. Seriously, you can use underlings to conquer settlements and be the truly wicked person you always were in your heart.You can get a glimpse of these dilapidated attractions, including a roller coaster and Ferris wheel, in the gallery below. There are even some new creatures that look like the Graboids from Tremors and appropriately amusing weapons.last_img