Top Thanksgiving TV Episodes to Stream Right Now

first_imgStay on target With Thanksgiving in full swing, it means the holidays are upon us. However, if you’re not ready to tackle Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or work off that turkey, pie, and mashed potatoes, why not spend the holiday streaming hilarious TV Thanksgiving episodes?From Bob’s Burgers to How I Met Your Mother, popular TV shows don’t disappoint when it comes to the holiday. While you’re relaxing on the couch, you’ll witness bird attacks, weird family feasts, and of course real gobblers on the big screen. Here are the top Thanksgiving TV episodes you can stream right now on Hulu, Netflix, and more.“Dawn of the Peck,” Bob’s Burgers (Season 5, Episode 4)“Dawn of the Peck” (Photo Credit: Hulu)The Belcher family is always up to crazy shenanigans, but Thanksgiving takes a dark turn in the Bob’s Burgers episode, “Dawn of the Peck.” While Bob is boycotting the big day, Linda, Gene, and Louise decide to spend the day at the Fischoeder Turk-tacular Turkey Town Festival. However, a spontaneous wild bird attack gets in the way of their holiday festivities.Stream it Here“The One with All the Thanksgivings,” Friends (Season 5, Episode 8)“The One with All the Thanksgivings” (Photo Credit: Netflix)On Thanksgiving, the Friends crew reflects on the worst former Thanksgivings they’ve experienced. (Cue Joey with a turkey stuck on his head.) “The One with All the Thanksgivings” is funny, and it also involves Chandler confessing his love to Monica.Stream it Here“Parents,” New Girl (Season 2, Episode 8)“Parents” (Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX)A “Parent Trap” setup goes wrong for Thanksgiving dinner in the New Girl episode, “Parents.” Jesse has to get her divorced parents to come for the holiday, meanwhile Schmidt experiences some kin issues of his own on the big day.Stream it Here“Slapsgiving,” How I Met Your Mother (Season 3, Episode 9)“Slapsgiving” (Photo Credit: CBS)When Lily and Marshall decide to host their first Thanksgiving, it turns into a rowdy gathering. There’s a “Slap Bet Commissioner” involved when everyone needs some lighthearted fun after fighting.Stream it Here“Bart vs. Thanksgiving,” The Simpsons (Season 2, Episode 7)“Bart vs. Thanksgiving” (Photo Credit: FOX)After having an argument with Lisa, Bart runs away from home and ends up at a soup kitchen in The Simpsons episode, “Bart vs. Thanksgiving.”  When he’s there, he realizes that Thanksgiving is more than a holiday where you eat with family and eventually returns to apologize to his sister.Stream it Here“Thanksgiving,” Master of None (Season 2, Episode 8)“Thanksgiving” (Photo Credit: Netflix)Over the past 20-something years, Denise has struggled to come out to her family on Thanksgiving. The Master of None episode, “Thanksgiving,” follows Denise as she tries to express her sexuality to her squad and keep the atmosphere calm.Stream it HereMore on Thanksgiving: 10 Movies We’re Thankful Were Never MadeWTF? Wednesday: Serve This Weird ‘Glitter Turkey’ for Thanksgiving DinnerMeet the Turkeys Competing for the President’s Annual Thanksgiving Pardoning Top Movie and TV Trailers You Might Have Missed This WeekWhat to Stream on Amazon Prime This Weekend last_img