Shout Expecto Patronum and discover your Patronus on Pottermore

first_imgA lot of the enjoyment about Harry Potter stems from how J.K. Rowling uses the characters’ unique personalities to form distinct groups. Whether it’s the house you would be sorted into or your wand, your magic is tied to who you are, and that only adds to the fantasy.Pottermore has capitalized on this fun by allowing you to take an official sorting house quiz for both Hogwarts and Ilvermorny. Now, you can figure out what your Patronus is thanks to a new quiz experience.I say “experience” because it’s not a quiz in the same way that the others ask you questions about your personality. In the new Pottermore feature, released Thursday, users can travel through a 3D animated forest set to an original score, choosing from a list of words that best appeal to them.The Patronus, which is a defensive spell that can be used to fight dementors and appears as an ethereal animal protector, is unique to each individual. While some characters in the books could share a Patronus (Harry and his dad both had a stag), it’s usually something representative of the characters’ personalities.For the user, it’s chosen for the user based on the words you choose and the amount of time you take to make your decision.Some that have been discovered so far are white mares, ospreys, blackbirds, dragonflies, stags, adders, and foxes. There are also multiple breeds of cats and dogs, including the Borzoi, which is a Russian wolfhound and is what I got when I took the quiz.Patronuses can be any animal both regular and magical, according to Pottermore, although it’s more rare to receive a magical beast.The experience was made with input from Rowling herself, so if there’s going to be any official Patronus selector, it would be this one.It’s unclear exactly how the animal is calculated and how your word choices and time frame measure in the decision. It’s fun nonetheless, and another way to pretend that even though you were supposed to get your Hogwarts owl 15 years ago, it maybe just got lost in the mail and you’re still destined for magic. We can dream.You need an account on Pottermore to take the quiz. You can only go through the experience once. After that, your Patronus is linked to your profile, along with your school house and your wand.last_img