Rick and Morty Manages to Make Rick and Jerry into Something Watchable

first_imgStay on target Toy Tuesday: The Schwiftiest ‘Rick & Morty’ ToysTop Movie and TV Trailers to Watch From SDCC 2019 While it’s not a deconstruction of childhood trauma like the season premiere, or a morality play on the importance of therapy and the consequences of avoidance like “Pickle Rick,” last night’s Rick and Morty was a refreshing twist on the series’s most basic formula. Rick drags an unsuspecting Smith (in this case Jerry, instead of Morty) out of bed for an intergalactic adventure. It wasn’t just a new take on Rick and Morty‘s format, though. ” The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy” gave each character a chance to show how they’ve grown since season one. And yes, that includes Jerry.Last week’s episode was all about how Morty has gotten too good at dealing with Rick’s antics. This week explored his effect on the rest of the family. For Jerry’s part, his exceptionally sad life is interrupted when Rick drags him off on a sci-fi adventure. It’s everything we love about Rick and Morty. Jerry is taken to a strange, high-concept sci-fi world. In this case, it’s a resort covered by an immortality field. The concept is then taken to its logical and hilarious extremes, as we see what people do when they can’t die. Children shoot each other, which as Jerry rightly points out, is still bad parenting.The assistant manager of the resort approaches Jerry with a plan to kill Rick. There’s a ride called the Whirly Dirly, which briefly leaves the immortality field. Jerry agrees, after being convinced that he’ll be able to get his family back if Rick isn’t in the picture. At this point, the episode is still getting going, and Jerry sucks as much as he ever has. This episode is all about getting Jerry to the point where he can grow. It’s about making him more than the eternal sad sack. Jerry backs out of the arrangement when Rick apologizes for getting him kicked out, and promises to put in a good word with Beth when they get back home. Unfortunately, by that point, it’s too late, and the ride has started.Jerry is surprisingly useful in this scene, helping Rick fight off his would-be assassins. As you’d expect though, his knowledge of where on the ride someone can be killed raises a red flag for Rick. The whole story comes out, and Rick is pissed. Oh, and in the process of fighting off the assassins, they break the immortality field and one of the kids shoots the other. See? Bad parenting. Even Jerry can be right sometimes. Also, this is probably the only show that can make child murder as funny as it is here.(Via Adult Swim)There’s some really interesting character work going on with Jerry here. Rick backs him into an alien snake-thing who starts to devour him alive. Rick let’s Jerry think he’s going to die, but really, Rick just needs a nervous living organism covered in snake juice. Why? To attract a monster they can ride to a spaceport. Here, Rick points out that Jerry is more than just a sad sack. His pathetic existence isn’t a weakness, it’s his strength. “You act like prey, but you’re a predator,” Rick says. Jerry uses his weak exterior to get people to feel sorry for him. That’s how he survives. That’s how he gets people to hire, have sex with and marry him. We also learn that Rick hates Jerry because of how his daughter’s life turned out. Beth is Rick’s daughter, and thanks to Jerry, all that potential is wasted. (Also, 20 cc’s of dream killer is a hilarious and disgusting way to describe teenage pregnancy.) It’s a new layer to Jerry and Rick’s relationship that hasn’t been explored yet. It’s also laying the groundwork for Jerry to become more than the put-upon boring dad. Jerry’s character finally has some depth to him. He still sucks, but there’s so much more the show can do with him now.The show also makes a smart decision to incapacitate Rick, forcing Jerry to at least try to act as a hero. At the spaceport, Rick is injected with a serum that prevents unstable thoughts. It also renders him completely stupid and useless. When the assistant manager of the resort shows up and tries to kill Rick, Jerry is forced to act. It doesn’t go well, but he accidentally destroys their ship’s wormhole shield. As the ship warps through space, Jerry, the manager, and Rick’s minds meld together in a trippy, beautifully-animated and highly disturbing sequence. Their minds live a thousand lifetimes, but their bodies only age a few minutes. This also allows Rick to regain his higher functions and shoot the assistant manager in the head. The result of all this: Jerry has now seen that he doesn’t have to be an eternal loser. He doesn’t have to play meek to get ahead in the world. By the end of the episode, he’s made a decision to change. It’s not going to happen right away. He still sucks at the end of all this, but he’s now capable of sucking less. That’s actually a pretty big deal.(via Adult Swim)That’s been the best part of this season of Rick and Morty, is seeing how much the characters have grown since season one. Summer, displaying traits of both her parents, tries to solve her problems by using one of Rick’s machines. After her boyfriend dumps her for someone else, she tries to make her breasts bigger, leading to a sequence of increasingly disturbing body horror. This is where Morty realizes that his mother is just like Rick. She’s stubborn and determined to be the hero even if it results in turning her daughter inside out. But the beauty of Rick and Morty is that these characters ultimately do care about each other, and solve their problems in loving, if unconventional ways. Beth turns herself inside out to comfort Summer, while Morty uses the machine to inflict some body horror on Summer’s ex. Morty’s quiet menace in his final scene is great, revealing a scary side we rarely see from him. This family is growing closer together in its own weird way. Now, Jerry has to figure out how to grow with them.(Via Adult Swim)This episode of Rick and Morty didn’t quite reach the highs that the rest of the season has so far, but it was still probably the best thing on TV last night. It took a classic Rick and Morty story structure and gave it a fun, new twist. The Rick and Jerry adventure turned out to be not only watchable, but necessary. Despite the season opening with Jerry getting kicked out of the house, the series isn’t entirely done with him yet. If he’s going to grow and change along with the rest of the family, the series needs us to like him. We’re not quite there yet, but we’re a lot closer than we were before this episode happened.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img