How much do you hate airport security

first_imgThe stresses of travel revealed in new survey. When travelling what could be more stressful than airport security? How about healthy eating, exercise or returning home to a long list of chores?Travel organiser app, TripIt’s new survey results indicate 67 percent of frequent travellers rate exercise as a very stressful activity when travelling.Maintaining a healthy diet was distressful for 66 percent of travellers.59 percent of travellers found airport security to be a stressful, while 54 percent found driving in unfamiliar territory to be troublesome.“As someone who is constantly travelling, eating healthy and keeping up my fitness routine are incredibly important,” editor-in-chief Trish Friesen said.“My two biggest travel health tips are to make sure there’s always a rainbow of colour represented on your plate, and in a pinch, never underestimate the amount of exercise that can be done on the carpet of your hotel room.”TripIt recommends travellers carry healthy, portable snacks and opt for the stairs over escalators.Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.T.last_img