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download Indian Express App More Related News he hit her on the head with a heavy iron material killing her on the spot, The number 33 is associated with the power of healing through love; people with the life path number 33 are totally selfless and love unconditionally.” says the report. it says. The director mumbles something about the era and sits down for an interview. and lets people do a lot more from the home screen. For all the latest Technology News, ?s governance record and argued he was the best bet for the BJP now. one of the Christian teachers who had survived talked about the horror she had witnessed in 1997 when her own Muslim students charged towards her and others in the village to burn them alive.

While the check-posts will accommodate the staff members,or Corporate for Bipasha Basu that revealed the actress in the ‘Bong Bombshell’.t been doing well with the putter over the last few tournaments,but it has started to come good, Gaurav said M Dharma kept his lead at the Golden Greens golf clubhis three-under 69 taking him to eight-under 136 The Bangalore golfer had a fairly interesting round that saw seven birdies and four bogeys Arjun Singh shot a two-under 70 to join Gaurav in second Anirban Lahiri and Mukesh Kumar are a further stroke behind in tied fourth at six-under 138 The cut came at four over 148and former Indian cricketer Ajay Jadeja missed out by ten shots after he followed up Tuesdays 77 with a nine-over 81 in Round Two For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: April 25 2009 11:27 pm Related News On the last day of filing nominations for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections on Fridaynearly 41 candidatesincluding main contestants and their covering candidatesreached the Deputy Commissioners office A majority of these candidates were independents Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Election Officer Vikas Garg said 40 candidates have filed 47 nomination papers for Ludhianaamong which Manish Tewari of the Indian National Congress (INC) and Gurcharan Singh Galib of Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) have filed three nomination papers each MeanwhileTulsi Ram Mishra of Samajwadi Party (SP)Shambu Kumar Singh (Independent) and Vijay Kumar Goel (Independent) have filed two sets of nomination papers each Out of the 41 candidates22 of them are Independents Besides the main contestants of Congress and SADother parties whose candidates are in the fray include Samajwadi PartyBahujan Samaj PartyLok Janshakti PartyLok Bhalai PartyBahujan Vikas PartyDemocratic Bharitya Samaj PartyAll India Jan Samaj PartySharitya Gau Taj DalLok Priya Samaj PartyJ&K National Party and Bahujan Samaj Morcha The scrutiny of the nominations will begin on April 25 and go on till April 27 when the nominations can be withdrawn Polling for the Ludhiana Lok Sabha constituency is scheduled for May 13 The counting of votes will be held at three centres on May 16 and the entire election process will be completed by May 28 There are a total of 2093 polling stations in Ludhianaout of which149 have been termed as very sensitive and 664 as sensitive For all the latest Ludhiana News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Mumbai | Published: August 28 2010 5:52 pm Related News Rahul Mahajan’s wife Dimpywho had accused him of beating heris back with him and says they are seeking counseling to smooth out bumps in their marriage Dimpy22who married Rahul36son of late BJP leader Pramod Mahajanwith much fanfare on a television reality show ‘Rahul Dulhaniya Le Jayega’ in Marchwalked out on her marriage last monthaccusing him of “punchingkicking and dragging” her But a compromise was reached between the couple with the help of Rahul’s mother and the stars say they are now back to leading a normal life “Whatever does not kill you makes you stronger I feel strong and I feel the strength in our relationship I have accepted it and I know that I love Rahul and want to be with him forever” Dimpy said The Kolkata-based model is reportedly going to be one of the cast members in ‘Bigg Boss 4’a show that made Rahul a TV star Both Rahul and Dimpy denied that what happened in July was a publicity stunt to catch more TV assignments “We were in a mess but it was so disheartening to see that the situation was turned against us” Dimpy said Rahul said there were some communication gap between them and they are trying their best to understand each other Hehoweverrefused to comment on his Bigg Boss housemate Payal Rohatagi’s accusations that he was harassing her Rahul said he was planning to contest 2014 general elections For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Pooja Pillai | New Delhi | Updated: November 10 2015 5:01 pm Related News Diwali marks Ram’s return to Ayodhya victorious from the battle with Ravan Ahead of the festival this year we look at the many versions of the epic which has shaped our culture arts and politics It is a splendidly various tradition from the rationalism of the Jain Ramayana to the humour of the Mapilla Ramayanam It is both a political ideal and a deeply personal experience It is the mega-story that contains a multitude of narratives of India Once upon a time there was a king called Shrenika who had recently converted to Jainism He was plagued by doubt about what he had been taught about the Ramayana and hence sought out a Jain teacher Gautama Shrenika wanted to know for instance how lowly creatures like monkeys could build a bridge across the ocean and overthrow a mighty rakshasa king like Ravan How could Kumbhakarna sleep through six months of the year and not wake up even though elephants were made to walk over him and boiling oil was poured in his ears and war trumpets were sounded around him All this sounded too fantastical and irrational Gautama assured him that he was right and that these fantastical details were lies and embellishments peddled by “wrong-thinking poetasters and fools” He then proceeded to narrate what he said was the true story of what happened in the Ramayana and to correct many of the exaggerations For instance he says the vanaras are not literally monkeys; they are demigods called vidyadharas who inhabit the city of Kishkindhi and who are called vanaras because their standard and shields and crowns bear the image of a monkey an animal that is commonly found in those parts This story is found in the opening section of the Paumachariyam (Prakrit for Padmacharitam) written by Vimalasuri Although the date is not clear it is estimated that Vimalasuri lived in or before the fifth century AD The Paumachariyam is only one among many in the long tradition of Ramakatha among Jains although it is the oldest and the best-known Dr Eva De Clercq a Jainism expert who teaches at Belgium’s Ghent University says “The theme of the Ram story was quite popular among the Jains There are dozens of texts available composed by Jain authors from all over India in Sanskrit Prakrit and Apabhramsha but also in several vernacular languages such as Kannada Gujarati and Hindi The Jain Ram story is also told as episodes in Jain storybooks such as the Brihatkathakosha and in the full accounts of the Jain traditional history the Jain Mahapuranas” These ancient Jain authors told Ram’s story very differently One thing that set them apart from the Hindus was their insistence on eschewing the more “miraculous” elements of the story such as the name Vanaras as explained in the Paumachariyam Another example is that no divine payasam was involved in the birth of Ram and his brothers; they were born in the normal way according to the Jain texts This is because as AK Ramanujan says in his essay Three Hundred Ramayana: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation the Jains considered themselves to be rationalists unlike the Hindus “who according to them are given to exorbitant and often bloodthirsty fancies and rituals” Not that this holds entirely true; Dr De Clerq points out “There are some ‘fantastic’ elements in the Jain versions as well Rama’s army may not have travelled to Lanka via a causeway built by monkeys; here they fly across the ocean in celestial chariots” A fascinating feature of the Jain versions of the Ramayana is the treatment of Ravan As Dr Kumarpal Desai a noted Jain scholar and managing trustee of the Institute of Jainology in Ahmedabad says “In the Jain Ramayana Ravan is presented as a great and noble king and as someone who is learned and who is a devotee of Jainism” In fact he isn’t even a rakshasa as popularly understood; like Hanuman and the other vanaras he too is a vidyadhar only he belongs to the rakshasa lineage The Jain Ramayanas are in fact very sympathetic to Ravan even presenting him as a doomed and tragic figure who has one fatal flaw: lust While there has been some study on the subject of Jain Ramayanas Dr Desai laments that it isn’t nearly enough He says “Within the Jain canon the Ramayana is probably not as important as other texts It’s not even very well-known within the community with only a few Jain gurus giving sermons based on it once in a while” Nonetheless he feels there is much to be gained from studying these versions particularly how they were used as a vehicle for the Jain worldview According to traditional Jain history there were different kindsof Salakapurusas (illustrious persons or worthies) including the Jinas or Tirthankaras who propagated the Jain faith and Chakravartins or heroic emperors Baladevas Vasudevas and Prativasudevas were other such salakapurusas with Ram (referred to as Padma) Lakshman and Ravan being Baladeva Vasudeva and Prativasudeva respectively These heroes are born in every age with Vasudeva and Prativasudeva destined to fight each other Thus it is that in Jain version it is not Ram who kills Ravan — it is Lakshman who does so This detail is important because it is meant to present Ram as the ideal Jain hero who has forsaken violence and who at the end of his life becomes a Jain mendicant and attains enlightenment He is the evolved soul who has conquered his passions in what is his last birth Lakshman and Ravan on the other hand go to hell They don’t attain liberation until they have undergone many more births and deaths These modifications to Valmiki’s story were necessary to illustrate the Jain principle of karma: if you live a pious life like Ram you will be rewarded with a better existence in your next life and will slowly move towards attaining enlightenment and if you commit sins you will go to hell and will remain caught in the kalachakra — the cycle of life and death “Popular stories always tend to cross-over” says Dr Desai “This fact is important for us to appreciate the existence of these variant Ramayanas within Jainism” It assumes an even greater importance now when a homogeneous idea of Hinduism — one that subsumes the various independent Buddhist and Jain philosophies — is sought to be presented By acknowledging the Jain Ramayanas and by reading and studying them we also recognise the richness of Indian philosophical systems and make room for alternative narratives *The story was originally published with the headline Many Lives Many Masters To read in Hindi click here For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related News Talk about taking a tough shot Physicists have for the first time been able to image the quantum workings of electrons in hydrogen atoms an advance that could open the door to a deeper understanding of the quantum world Snapping a picture of the inside of an atom—the electrons the protons the neutrons—is no easy task Quantum mechanics makes it virtually impossible to pin down these subatomic particles Instead of having the ability to describe where a particle is quantum theory provides a description of its whereabouts called a wave function Wave functions work like sound waves except that whereas the mathematical description of a sound wave defines the motion of molecules in air at a particular place a wave function describes the probability of finding the particle Physicists can theoretically predict what a wave function is like but measuring a wave function is very hard because they are exquisitely fragile In another bit of quantum weirdness most attempts to directly observe wave functions actually destroy them in a process called collapse So to experimentally measure the properties of a wave function requires researchers to reconstruct it from many separate destructive measurements on identically prepared atoms or molecules Physicists at AMOLF a lab of the Netherlands’ Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) in Amsterdam demonstrated a new nondestructive approach in a paper published this week in Physical Review Letters Building on a 1981 proposal by three Russian theorists and more recent work that brought that proposal into the realm of possibility the team first fired two lasers at hydrogen atoms inside a chamber kicking off electrons at speeds and directions that depended on their underlying wave functions A strong electric field inside the chamber guided the electrons to positions on a planar detector that depended on their initial velocities rather than on their initial positions So the distribution of electrons striking the detector matched the wave function the electrons had at the moment they left their hydrogen nuclei behind The apparatus displays the electron distribution on a phosphorescent screen as light and dark rings which the team photographed using a high-resolution digital camera "We are really happy with our results" says team leader Aneta Stodolna noting that although quantum mechanics is part of daily life for physicists it is rarely understood in such a visceral way She says that there may be practical applications in the future—a commentary accompanying the paper suggests that the method could aid in the development of technologies such as molecular wires atom-thick conductors that could help shrink electronic devices—but that their result concerns "extremely fundamental" physics that might be just as valuable for developing quantum intuition in the next generation of physicists "It’s an interesting experiment mostly because it’s investigating hydrogen" an element that is both a textbook example in undergraduate physics classes and also makes up three-quarters of the universe says Jeff Lundeen a physicist at the University of Ottawa in Canada who’s performed related experiments on photon wave functions Stodolna’s team "basically developed a new technique" for observing wave functions Lundeen says though it’s not yet clear whether it applies to more complicated atoms that physicists understand less well than hydrogen "If it ends up being fairly universal … then it would be a very useful tool" for studying those atoms in the lab improving physicists’ understanding of the atomic physics underlying chemical reactions and nanotechnologywho replaced Cheryl Cole after she was sacked from the show,the Gujarat State Handloom and Handicraft Development Corporation is now all set to explore the untapped foreign markets for the creations of the state? ? 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